With proper care your Mountain Mafia sleeping bag will last for many, many years. When you are in the field always sleep on a ground cloth or pad to protect the exterior of your bag from becoming dirty or being torn. Always try to sleep in socks, shorts, and a t-shirt to help prevent sweat and body oils from migrating to the bag and down. If your bag needs to be cleaned do not dry clean. The preferred method is to hand wash if possible. To start, rinse your tub with hot water. Once your tub is clean fill it with luke warm water and down cleaner. Mix cleaner into water and submerge bag until it is completely wet and allow it to soak for one hour. After soaking, drain the soapy water and rinse tub and bag exterior. Refill tub with fresh water and then remove the soap from the bag by gently massaging it in the fresh water. Drain and refill with fresh water as many times as needed to completely remove all of the soap from the bag. This is very important for maintain the loft of the down. Left over soap will bind to the down fibers and reduce the loft. You can place bag in washer on spin cycle only to reduce drying time.

Alternatively, you can wash your bag in a commercial front-loading washing machine. Do not use a top load washer. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle using only down cleaner. Do not use other soaps or fabric softeners as it can permanently damage the down fibers.

Once washed, thoroughly dry your sleeping bag in a commercial dryer on low heat. Use several tennis balls to help break up wet down clumps and add loft. If you can feel lumps of down after drying the bag it means that the down is still wet and you need to dry longer to achieve maximum loft.